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User Friendly

Our billing software has a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, reducing the learning curve and making it accessible for all end users, regardless of their technical proficiency. The software can also be intuitive and require minimal training to get started.

Accuracy and Reliability

Indoc software will provide accurate and reliable information and minimize the risk of errors and ensuring that invoices are generated accurately and on time and updated in real-time.

Customization and Integration

Our billing software can be customizable to meet the specific needs of your business and be able to integrate with other systems, such as your accounting software, payment gateway.

IndocBooks Features

Enhance your billing process with real-time data tracking using our software.

Sales Management
Simple interface to customize & generate professional Invoices / Retail Invoices instantly. Chase Receipts & Dues easily. Get paid faster with recurring billing.
Inventory management
This feature helps you keep track of your inventory levels and manage your stock. You can view your current inventory levels, set reorder points, and generate purchase orders when stock levels get low.
Barcode/QR Code
Design your own bar-code labels for the stock items as per inward. Print and scan barcodes for super fast billing at checkouts.
Multiple User Access & User Roles
Work together as a team and make accounting simpler than ever. Set access permission based on user roles and track users’ daily activity in billing/accounting.
Simple yet powerful accounting with Journal Entry, Cash/Contra, and all standard reports in a few clicks. Monitor every financial transaction and stay financially healthy.
Create professional quotes, then convert them to invoices in a click.
Bank Reconcilation
Reconcile your bank statement with the accounting transactions records and identify errors or fraudulent activity(if any) and maintain better financial health of your business.
E-Invoicing/E-way Bills
Upload all your B2B invoices electronically & get authenticated through the designated E-Invoice portal directly from Output Books in a single click. Push Invoices & e-way bills to IRP & receive unique IRN number.
Sales tracking:
This feature enables you to track sales in real time and monitor sales trends over time. You can view sales by product, customer, or date range and get insights into which products are selling well and which ones are not.
Multiple Branches/Location
Centrally manage all your branches/warehouses sales, accounts & inventory from anywhere on any device. Transfer stock between branches easily.
Accurate Business analytics by having Drill reports which lead to the better chase of data. View & track the financial status of your entire company from anywhere any time.
GST Returns
File all your GST returns on time at the GSTIN portal by exporting GST Reports in JSON format. No additional input work. Easy & Fast GST Return filing than before.

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